The Details

Sharon and Mike were united during a ceremony at Bartram's Garden, a historic garden in Philadelphia on the Schuykill River. There was a reception/party afterwards featuring delicious food, a great band, dancing, drinking, exploring the garden, photo booth pictures, and general merriment!

I am working on updating this site as a record of that AMAZING day! Please send us any good pictures you took, through email or facebook or whatever! I'll let everyone know when I get it done!


Miscellaneous Details!

Our invitations were designed by me, Sharon, and my good friend and awesome designer Kara Schlindwein. They were printed by Panorama Press, who was a dream to work with! (I made the Save-the-Dates myself, with a picture taken on my iPhone by Sonrisa  and some of our photobooth photo collection. They were printed for super cheap by Vistaprint.)

We bought the beautiful, perfect, vintage tandem Schwinn off eBay from a lovely family in Connecticut, who bought in 1963 and took amazing care of it all these years.

We made all the bunting (those triangle-shaped banner things) and table runners (the big pieces of fabric on the tables) ourselves using old sheets and some new fabric. We collected the jars and bottles and vases for the centerpieces over many months, with invaluable help from our friends and family, especially our moms, Phyllis Erwin and Helen Wasko!  We bought the flowers online from

The cake toppers were from Etsy, and although they weren't meant to be cake toppers, they were adorable! Aqua owls!

Our amazing caterers were Diverse Caterers, and while we wish we got leftovers, we have to admit they did an incredible job, making a wide variety of fish-based, vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free foods from several continents. Everything we got to try was delicious and the waitstaff was super helpful.

Our incredibly delicious cupcakes were made by Dana Boyer at Baby Cakes. I want a lifetime supply of those things!

We also need to thank Jim Erwin for his expert choice of wines! You guests didn't drink enough of it, maybe because it was so hot that day, but that just means we have a long-lasting supply!

More thank-yous:
Kate and Patrick for helping with the ring ceremony, and being some of our bestest friends!
Yonah for reading the poem, without crying, even!
Craig and Molly for music and tech help, and carrying a lot of things around for us!
Stef Wasko for applying my false eyelashes!
Zoe and Arun for getting the gluten-free cupcakes!
Garry and Karen for getting bottled water for the hot and thirsty masses!
Our caterer Ken's daughter Madison, for working the under-utilized kid's buffet!
Melanie Melanie Melanie!
You all for being there! <3 <3 <3